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Just as the Sun and the Moon symbolically heat and cool the planet to support life, Hatha Yoga balances the dualistic properties of all the major systems of the body, allowing each to work in harmony for the greater Self.

Our yoga Classes

There are many perspectives on how to determine the “level” of a yoga class.  We believe that the yogic path should always be one of learning and growing.  We strive to offer an appropriate class for all experience levels, ages, abilities and interests.  At Samsara we will use 4 primary classifications to help you find the best class suited to your abilities. 

Strength, Balance, Flexibility

All three abilities should be developed in harmony for a comfortable, dynamic body.  This bar on the graph will show you the amount of emphasis on developing the physical yoga postures (asanas) within that particular class.  The higher the bar, the more challenging all physical aspects of the class will be.  

Therapeutic Essence

Practicing Yoga has incredible healing potential.  Every system of the body has been proven to benefit from regular Yoga practice.  This bar on the graph will indicate the level of calm, restorative and healing properties emphasized within a particular class. 

Experience Recommended

We all have experience moving in our bodies, Yoga is a progressive practice, and experience leads to a solid understanding of key basic elements before moving on to deeper aspects of the practice.  Yoga asanas are amazing tools… but they can quickly make you look like a tool, if you don't use them in a beneficial way.  Asanas are supposed to be “comfortable seat”s, by being honest with your level of experience, this bar is sure to help you find a comfortable seat in the right class for you!   

Intensity Level

Every class has its own pace. This bar shows if the class will move at a vigorous pace or a slow one. The higher the bar the higher the heart rate, more movement and flow you can expect in the class.

Class Descriptions

Breakfast Club Yoga:   A light, one hour class designed to make all bodies feel their best to start the day.  Class will include a 10 minute pranayama, 40 minute asana and 10 minute meditation practice followed up by a custom ordered juice delivered by Nature's Food Market waiting for each client after class.  Pre-registration is required to place juice order 24 hours in advance.


Lunchtime Yoga: This class will provide you with a re-invigorating mid-day practice that won’t leave you sweaty but will help you through the rest of your day. Each class will include a 30 minute asana, 10 minute meditation and a custom ordered meal/juice delivered by Nature's Foods Market waiting for each client after class.  Pre-registration is required to place food order 24 hours in advance.


Pranayama Class: We can go weeks without food, days without water but mere minutes without our breath. Through various breathing practices we will explore a deeper connection to the inhale and exhale. Side effects include: stillness of mind, stronger immune system, improved digestion, increased aerobic lung capacity, healthier complexion and the ability to control ones emotions.


420 Class: Take your practice higher, naturally. Learn to creatively flow with your breath and move your body with intention and strength. When you come to this class expect fun upbeat music, occasional partner poses, unique sequencing, gong savasanas, and unexpected surprises.  All levels are welcome but basic experience is recommended. 

4 - 420.jpg

Alignment & Symmetry: Many aspects of the world we live in are very one sided.  Repeated movement and overuse on one side of the body can create imbalance that leads to chronic pain, loss of energy, and pinched nerve pathways. Yoga asana can help guide the musculoskeletal system back into symmetry, reducing the wear and tear on our spine, joints and muscles.  Certain poses that accentuate this benefit of the practice will be broken down in detail, and more emphasis will be placed on form and ‘finding the pose’ for each body.  This class is highly recommended for (retired) athletes, rehabilitation from injury, chronic pain sufferers, and anyone with the curiosity and desire to deepen an understanding their own body’s structure and mechanism.


Strength, Flexibility, Balance and Grace:  How comfortably we move through space begins with the body’s relationship to gravity.  We cannot find strength within one movement, without flexibility in another, and when there is balance between strength and flexibility we can begin to move gracefully.  A steady practice of Yoga asana, pranayama and meditation can improve the integration of all of these systems, and introduce us to graceful, dynamic movement.  Whether flowing as softly as a dancer, or moving as explosively as a sprinter, this class will help you cultivate strength, flexibility, balance and grace in all your actions.  


Seasonal Flow:  Yoga teaches us the seasonal shifts through the year not only affect the natural world around us, they affect us internally. For we are an interconnect part of nature. The turning of the seasons and the natural rhythms of life can be our greatest teacher. This class is based on taking a step back from our digital world, moving away from the 1st world problems of life and relearning to experience every day for the miracle it is. Specific poses are chosen, to help your physical and mental bodies fine tune to the rhythm of the season. This class isa flowing class for the strong beginner and intermediate students.  


Therapeutics: One time or another, injury will happen to the body. It can be a very frustrating, long process to recovery. In this class you will learn about range of motion of each joint, common injuries and how to bolster, strengthen, and use yoga as part of your recovery. This can be a one-time drop in class if you want to learn some tools to help you in your regular routine or it can be attended week after week. Sequencing is restorative in nature with a specific focus each week. Check the schedule to see each week’s theme. 


Restorative:   Restorative yoga is appropriate for all levels of practitioner. In this class we utilize props in most poses. We focus on supporting the body as we bend, twist and stretch. The more supported our body becomes the more our body’s healing mechanisms can work. This creates balance and increased health throughout the systems of the body. Poses may be held for a single breath or for up to 15 minutes. Breathing practices, meditation, sound healing may be incorporated into class. Props are provided, but bringing your own is always encouraged.


Community Class: This one hour class is accessible to a wide range of practitioners. A quick class at a discounted rate but not at discounted quality instruction.


Introductory Class: An exciting class whether you are new to Yoga, or experienced but would like a reintroduction to your practice. This class is designed to introduce you to the essential aspects of a successful Yogic experience.  We want your practice to last a lifetime but also improve how you feel in your body today. In this class we take time exploring proper 3 part breathing, the art of sitting, safe alignment within foundational Yoga postures and the myriad of health benefits gained from a regular yoga practice.


Begin Here Now…: This is a 4-week class that has a specific focus each week so that a beginning yogi can create a solid, safe foundation for a life-long practice. 1st week of the month is on sitting, breathing and sun salutations.  The 2nd week is on forward folds and standing poses.  The 3rd week is twists and backbends.  The 4th week will focus on balancing poses and inversions. Brand new beginners without therapeutic limitations are encouraged to start here. All are welcome.


Y.E.S.  (Yogic Enquiry Sundays) Philosophy & Theory:   Where did the yoga practices so popular today really come from, and why do we practice them?  What are the different lineages, schools and brands of yoga?  Who was Patanjali, and how does “his” yoga sutra affect the contemporary yoga community?  What?!!!  Historical literature claims there used to be bands of Pirate Yogis that could levitate, take control of peoples bodies and perform various other miracles?!!! These questions and stories are just some the basic tenants of yoga that should be addressed for a truly personal understanding of one’s own relationship with the practice.  There are layers, upon layers involved in this ancient conversation, and intelligent enquiry is the best tool to uncover the truth within them.  Join Stephen, and occasional guest lecturers in honest, open dialogue regarding the history, philosophy and theory behind the yoga of today.  

Inner Space Exploration: To seek deeper understanding of the stars, planets and greater cosmic space around us is called outer space exploration.  One can also seek inward and explore the great inner space accessible to us all.  Meditation is entering a state of being conducive to this inner exploration.  There is an overabundance of “step by step” guides, techniques, different modalities/tools, and “gurus” claiming to know THE proper way to mediate.  Fortunately for us they are all both wrong, and right at the same time. There are infinite ways in which to access your own meditative state.  Perhaps someone else’s formula may work for you, and perhaps it won’t.  This class will offer many different tips and techniques to explore your meditative practice, and discover the path to inner space exploration that works for you. 


Aging Gracefully: Aging is a natural part of life. Why not do it as slowly and gracefully as possible?  Yoga is a practice that helps to slow the process of aging through the use of breathing and carefully sequenced postures. The goal of this class is to improve your range of motion by balancing strength and flexibility throughout your body. We want you to feel as good as possible as you stand, sit, bend and twist through your normal activities of life.


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