Exceptional Yoga Instruction

Just as the Sun and the Moon symbolically heat and cool the planet to support life, Hatha Yoga balances the dualistic properties of all the major systems of the body, allowing each to work in harmony for the greater Self.

There are many perspectives on how to determine the “level” of a yoga class.  We believe that the yogic path should always be one of learning and growing. We strive to offer an appropriate class for all experience levels, ages, abilities and interests. Questions? Contact us and we can direct you to the right class.

All of our classes & appointments are booked using MindBody. If you have a smart phone, download the MindBody app for easier access to the schedule and to sign up for classes. To see the schedule and sign up for classes click on link below.



Intended to create a physical, mental, and emotional balance, this class incorporates conscious breath, movement (asanas), meditation and various techniques to explore thy Self and bring one in alignment with their highest Self. This session is a powerful tool to combat stress, burnout and other imbalances. This introspective and rejuvenating practice is simple to use and designed to support every body, allowing one to get a little, or greatly, metaphysical.

Concepts may include: Mudras, Third Eye, Mantras, Locks/Bhandas, Kundalini Principles, and Chakra System.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is appropriate for all levels of practitioner. In this class we utilize props in most poses to support the body as we bend, twist and stretch. The more supported our body becomes the more our body’s healing mechanisms can work. This creates balance and increased health throughout the systems of the body. Poses may be held for a single breath or for up to 15 minutes. Breathing practices, meditation, sound healing may be incorporated into class. 

Is great for: People with injuries, limited range of motion, high stress, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, trouble losing weight, cancer, auto-immune disorders, anxiety and depression.

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Harmonic Restoration and Pranayama

Sound healing, restorative yoga, gentle joint mobilization, and breathing practices. This class is going to take you to deep states of relaxation and help you tune back in to your body, a peaceful state of mind and a better feeling body. Lead by Samsara owners Katherine and Stephen Winters, we encourage you to sign up online to guarantee your space.


Rise + Shine Yoga

A gentle moving class designed to make all bodies and levels of practitioner feel their best to start the day. Expect some sun salutations, standing poses and basic inversions. 


Happy Hour Yoga

Happy Hour Yoga is designed to be an All Level Flow that will leave you feeling fantastic. Expect to sweat a bit as you bend twist and stretch your way to a happier you.



All Level Flow

This yoga class is for new to old practitioners. We will be building strength for all levels in a fun, inspiring atmosphere. 

Photo Courtesy of Joe Longo

Photo Courtesy of Joe Longo

SLow FLow Tuesday

An active, creative, flowing class designed to connect the practitioner more deeply to their body, freedom, and sense of self. This class focuses on linking breath and movement through the exploration of both basic and more challenging postures. Expect mindfulness, yogic philosophy, poetry, and sometimes, live music.


Chair Yoga

This a gentle yoga class practiced seated in chairs for support and stability.  This class if perfect for beginners of all ages.  Chair yoga allows one to safely stretch and strengthen the body using modified yoga poses and props.  In this class, we practice breath work, joint mobilization, and coordination in addition to balancing, stretching, and strengthening the muscles, tendons and ligaments.  


Intro-Mediate Flow

Breathe, Balance and Be well. These words sum of the goal of this class. We want your practice to last a lifetime but also improve how you feel in your body today. In this class we take time exploring proper 3 part breathing, safe alignment and how to maximize the health benefits gained from a regular yoga practice. This is intro to intermediate level flow class so that different levels of practitioners can all enjoy their practice together. 


Inter-Mediate Flow

How comfortably we move through space begins with the body’s relationship to gravity. We cannot find strength within one movement, without flexibility in another. When there is balance between strength and flexibility we can begin to move gracefully. 

A steady practice of Yoga asana, pranayama and meditation can improve the integration of all of these systems, and introduce us to graceful, dynamic movement.  Whether flowing as softly as a dancer, or moving as explosively as a sprinter, this class will help you cultivate strength, flexibility, balance and grace in all your actions. Brand new yogis are encouraged to avoid this class until they have the foundational principals down. 

Kids Yoga Ages 7-12

Yoga helps children to develop body awareness, learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way, manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement, build concentration, increase their confidence and positive self-image, and feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group - most importantly - kids will have fun!



Yoga for Anxiety + Depression

with Katherine Winters

In this 3 part series each class will build on the one before. If you can only make one you will still get valuable tools to help you navigate the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Things we will be covering in this class:

1-Learning about the para sympathetic and sympathetic nervous system and how they affect you.

2-Breathing to help reduce anxiety.

3-Long term depression and anxiety can be reduced or even relieved through specific poses. We will go over those specific poses and practice them.

4-We will learn to move safety between, "flow" poses  and restorative poses and the benefits of each.

This class is designed to be supportive and nurturing.If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us directly at 661-374-8693.

Gentle Flow

Gentle stretching, strengthening and balancing poses will leave you feeling fantastic! Mixed into every class we will include restorative poses. This is for all you who love both styles of yoga and wanted to see them mixed together!



Community Class

This class is accessible to a all levels of practitioners! We hold our community classes out in the community! Bakersfield Museum of Art and the Farmers markets are just a few of the places we pop up at. To see our schedule, click/tap here.

Yoga Couture 

Get a yoga class designed just for you or for you and a small group of friends, coworkers or family members. This can be a one time event or a weekly one. You pick the time and the instructor or we can help guide you to the right fit. 



Class Passes

5 Classes - $60

10 Classes - $110

Unlimited Introductory Yoga Offer (Unlimited yoga classes for one month. New clients only) - $50


Class Packages

Monthly Unlimited Yoga* - $108

Unlimited Yoga & Monthly Massage* - $180

*Auto-renewal, can be canceled at any time.

Drop-In Rates

1 Class - $15

Students (with valid ID) - $10

Happy Hour/Chair Yoga - $10

Kids Yoga (ages 7-12) - $12

Community Classes - Donation Only


Yoga Couture (Private Session)

1 Session - $55

3 Pack - $120

Up to three students may attend Yoga Couture at no additional cost. Add $10 per additional student. 

Other yogic offerings

We offer in house, in business, private or small group instruction. We can teach a short ergonomics and breathing workshops in the workplace to help employee health and productivity. We can also host work or small parties at our facility. The possibilities are endless and we love to travel! Don't hesitate to contact us at samsarawellnesscenter.com or (661) 374-8693 to discuss possibilities.  

All of our classes & appointments are booked using MindBody.

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