Yani is on a journey of self-discovery and loves learning more about herself and the world around her. For Yani, yoga embodies the physical, mental and spiritual realms of existence; it is a tool for Self-realization. Her intention for sessions is that individuals find more peace and balance within themselves and come into touch with their divine Self. She loves to share the world of yoga and support others as they open their heart and mind to what is possible.

Yani graduated with a B.A in Liberal Studies and shortly after listened to a calling that has led her to serving two years of national service as a mentor and gaining certifications in Mental Health, Cultural Diversity, Anatomy & Physiology, and MediYoga (a Kundalini based practice that takes a medical perspective); she loves continuously learning and being a student of life. Some of her greatest desires are that each of her days lead her closer to her true Self and to find a more harmonious balance between passion and leaving an everlasting, positive impact in the world around her.


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