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"Unspoken Voices” A Trauma Informed Group Series

At the core, trauma is about the loss of connection – to ourselves, our bodies, to our families, to others and the world around us.   And, this loss of connection is often difficult to recognize because it can happen slowly over an extended period of time.  We learn to adapt to the small changes without much notice.  What we do notice is a sense that we do not feel quite right.  And, this often becomes a gradual undermining of our self-esteem, confidence, well-being and connection to life. 

Healing from trauma can take years, even decades.  Acknowledging that we hold trauma is the first step. 

With this in mind, Samsara Wellness Center is offering a three part series called “Unspoken Voices” taught by organizational psychologist and trauma informed therapist, Monique Rogers.  This series includes three 90 minute classes detailing how the body holds trauma and techniques to help restore balance. 

“A key to moving through trauma is learning to separate out the sensations, thoughts, images, and emotions of habitual traumatic patterning.  When we can do this, these things begin to lose their hold on us.  This is often where healing begins.”  - Monique Rogers, MS, E-RYT

Series 1                June 5                   How the Body Holds Trauma

Series 2                June 12                Releasing Trauma and Restoring Balance

Series 3                June 19                Creating a Practice of Transforming Trauma

Price $89 and includes supplies

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