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Dream Yoga Sound Bath

Using the strength of sound, the engaged grace of the senses, and the mutual support of one another, we will nourish our souls, travel the worlds within our souls, and allow creative insight to blossom. We will enlist the engaged mind to create an epic sonic meditative affirmation and embody the eternally wise being that lives just beneath the noise of daily living.

The overarching theme to all these “Sound Meditations” is DEEP REST and RENEWAL and the RESTORATION of our overly stimulated nervous systems, a return to Heart centered intelligence, and tapping into the universal flow of synchronicity to facilitate the events of your life!

Transformation of consciousness, an explosion of creative ideas, lucid dreaming states, integration of life challenges, Conscious Sleep, and the rejuvenation of the “zest for life” are some of the benefits you might see.

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