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Prana-what?! Yama-Who?! Pranayama Workshop for All Levels with Stephen Winters

$25 per person
limited to 15 people

Its fun to say but hard to describe, Pranayama can be a HUGE game changer. Obviously anyone reading this knows the basics of breathing, but how often do we give focused attention to our breath? Yogi’s have developed a series of practices exercising control of the breath to improve energy levels, focus the mind, restore health and vitality… and overall they make you feel AMAAAAZIIIING!!!!! Get a detailed breakdown of the mechanics of the breath, learn exercises you can do at home/school/work/ to control your energy levels, leave with deeper connection to this most sacred act of life giving energy. We can go weeks without food, days without water, but mere minutes without our breath… join Stephen and show your breath that you care.

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