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Meditation Cultivation: Creating a Personal Practice

  • Samsara Wellness Center 5301 Office Park Drive ste. 420 Bakersfield, CA, 93309 United States (map)

$25 per person

limited to 12 people

There are a variety of ways to access a meditative state, but those who have tried know the path can be elusive. Cultivating an atmosphere conducive to meditating can greatly improve the effectiveness of your practice. Certain smells, special lighting, specific imagery, sounds and especially how we position the body can all help bring us into a state of greater physical comfort. With fewer physical distractions, we can focus inward on the mind. Using techniques to quiet the mind, we can then begin to understand what it means to meditate. Join Stephen as he shares a variety of modalities and techniques useful for meditating. The true reward is within the practice, and this workshop is a great way to cultivate a practice that serves your unique path.

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