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Introduction to Shamanism

A Medicine Woman is only a conduit for healing. The Medicine Woman has to put aside any personal need to be successful, coming from a pure heart and allowing the Creator to do the actual work. The desire of the sick person's willingness to let go of whatever created the illness. The sick person must trust that the Creator can work through the Medicine Woman, letting go of hopelessness, being willing to receive the healing.



Shamanism is finding harmony with nature and yourself. The Earth is a living being who substains us. Our journey helps us come closer to our soul and helps us to integrate all aspects of ourselves.

All power comes from within.
You will develop an inner hearing so you can listen to the voices of nature. Release yourself from illusion and false beliefs. Inner potential to activate your imagination bring your dreams into reality. Improve personal relationships and learn about the Power animals as guides.
Shamanism is very sacred to our life's journey.

Things to bring if you have them: Rattle, Drum, Journal and an sense of adventure.

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Prenatal Yoga Workshop with Jordan

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