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THE NOURISHED SELF: A Sensory Ceremony of the Highest Vibes

 Sound healing and medicinal mushroom pop-up cafe and workshop for health!

A shared community journey through the world of medicinal mushrooms,breath, movement, and a 60 min. sound bath meditation.

We invite you into the world of medicinal mushrooms and sound frequency to build immunity, strengthen chi, create a calm nervous system, enhance your cognition, and prevent disease. After a short visual presentation detailing the properties of various fungi, as well as a Q&A, we will directly contact the fungi kingdom through the avenue of homemade, On-the-spot, elixirs, "lattés", and drinks for you to taste and enjoy!

Afterwards, we will float into a special Sound Healing workshop from 4-7pm that is an extended version of the normal types of sound baths we do at the studio. Imagine the power of the Sound journey enhanced by the calming properties of functional mushrooms (non-hallucinogenic!) You will immerse yourself in the experience after having been beautifully led through some simple and relaxing movement and breath exercises by Stephen Winters of Samsara Wellness Center. Think of this as a more Ceremonial Approach to the whole experience. We are keeping attendance on the lower side in order to facilitate a deeper and connective journey for each participant. 


The addition of the mushrooms is designed to heighten the senses through the sharing of potent yet subtle plant pharmacology, from china and native to America, that have been used for hundreds of years to facilitate meditative and awakened states of consciousness, as well as build a strong immune system to ward off illness. 

Take a sonic musical and meditative journey designed to create DEEP REST in your nervous system utilizing the profound frequencies of the Gongs, Crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, Chimes, Ocean drum, and other vibrational instruments.  100% Organic Essential oils, blended by Docta Nick of Essential Oil Wizardry, will be woven into the moment as well. 

In order to keep the experience personal and powerful, we are inviting a limited number of souls to come on board and come on a journey of the senses with us. In deep gratitude for the gifts given to humanity, we have set a place at the table for you, as you are. Come play!

Earlier Event: March 23
Meditation Series- Class Three

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