Custom Tattoo with Stephen Winters at Samsara Wellness Center: Yoga, Massage & Tattoo in Bakersfield, California

Custom tattooing to protect, heal and inspire, with Stephen Winters

What is Sacred Art tattooing? 

In shamanistic traditions, the natural world around us provides infinite evidence of who we are, where we are going and where we have been.  The spirits of our ancestors and of animals can protect, inspire and guide us.  The essences of plants, flowers and herbs can heal, calm, and comfort us.  The wind can move us, and the water shapes us, as the earth grounds us.  Tattooing as a shamanistic tool can help make these truths more powerful through creating a permanent expression on one’s own body. 

Whether through the use of simple shapes, lines and patterns to create sacred-timeless designs, or through literal translations of the clients own personal vision, Stephen’s tattooing will strive to realize each persons own unique expression.  Using vegan ink, all artwork will be custom for each client, no “of -the-wall-flash’, or reused tattoo designs will be used, and no tattoo will be reproduced.  

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Scheduling an Appointment:

Each piece will begin with a private consultation establishing the client’s intention and vision.  A guided meditation will be offered to help realize the concept to its full potential.  Breathing exercises will be offered for each client to practice before the date of the tattoo, preparing them to handle the inevitable pain with strength and grace.

By accentuating the more permanent cultural essences of tattooing, each client is assured to leave with a meaningful, inspiring, empowering piece of artwork that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  

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