For thousands of years, cultures around the world have adorned their bodies with decorative jewelry for spiritual or social significance. Experience sacred adornment in the modern context with body piercing services from the Center’s own Geoffrey Taylor.

With years of experience performing body piercing procedures in both the Santa Barbara and Bakersfield areas, Geoffrey provides the perfect balance of tranquility and professionalism in all client interactions.

Using only the finest quality surgical stainless steel piercing jewelry, Geoffrey ensures clients have an experience that exceeds their expectations each and every time. Don’t hesitate to adorn your body with the highest commitment to safety and satisfaction, right here at the Center.

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Standard Lobe or Upper Lobe (18-20g) - $45.00

Industrial (14-16g) - $120.00

Daith (16-18g) - $60.00

Rook (16g) - $60.00

Inner or Outer Conch (16g) - $60.00

Outer Conch (16g) - $60.00

Helix or Forward Helix (16g) - $60.00

Tragus or Anti-Tragus (16g) - $60.00

Other - TBD


Navel (14g) - $60.00

Nipples (12-16g) - $120.00


Nose/Lower Nostril (18-20g) - $60.00

Bridge (14g) - $120.00

Septum (14-16g) - $60.00

Lip (Labret, Monroe, Medusa, etc.) (14-16g) - $60.00

Other (Based on Jewelry Availabilty) - TB

Samsara Wellness Center does not perform dermal, surface, genital or high risk piercings at the discretion of our Professional Piercer.  All piercings listed indicate the standardized practices of our studio to provide you with the most sterile and safe experience we can. Occasionally, other piercings can be discussed with the Piercer but are ultimately left to the discretion of our Piercer to perform the piercing if appropriate tools, jewelry and other needed items are available and the intended location of the piercing does not pose a high risk of rejection, migration or prolonged healing.

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