About Monique

Monique Rogers is an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, writer, healthy lifestyle evangelist, global traveler, self-proclaimed tech rebel, and a certified, registered E-RYT for Yoga Therapy. Her unique style and instruction provides an uplifting, heartfelt, and often humorous experience for her students while challenging their physical strength, mental awareness, and encouraging post-trauma growth.


Monique’s extensive travels throughout the US and abroad have allowed her to work, study, and practice under some of the most well-known instructors and physicians in the Yoga and holistic health communities.


She is described as a “corporate yogi” and believes in a new concept of “rebellion for wellness” (#rebelwell) by empowering corporate responsibility for better employee health with programs grounded in modern science and the ancient healing arts.  By day, she remains dedicated to workplace stress reduction and business success as a byproduct of harmony and employee health.  By hour, dedicated to the mothering of her two children and two rescue dogs.  By minute, dedicated to her breath to try to balance it all, stay conscious, stay funny, and not take all this too serious. 


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