What I like about being a Massage Therapist is being able to help people feel better physically and emotionally. I feel like I get to take my clients away to another world during our session together! It starts by welcoming them into a safe relaxing atmosphere, by listening in communication to what they need worked on and the aches they need relief from. The space is set in soft lighting, fresh clean scents from essential oils and a comfy warm heated massage table is the vehicle to a relaxed state of mind.
Clients often ask me, "What kind of massage was that?" And the best way I have come to describe it is an Artistic Therapeutic Massage! It is a blend of modalities I know. Swedish, deep tissue (to a lot of deep tissue) trigger points, compressions even sports massage. At Samsara I am so happy to get to incorporate hand tools such as hot stones and Chinese cupping in the massage sessions. The massages are always customized to the clients body and the session is geared to what the clients wants and needs. I am happy and grateful to be apart of the team here at Samsara Wellness Center. 


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