PERSONALized Table MASSAGE + Thai Massage

At Samsara Wellness Center, we take massage seriously, looking at the whole person, not just their acute symptoms to help provide immediate + long-lasting results. Your first experience begins with a complimentary consultation, where your bodyworker can listen to your health history, observe your postural alignment, and discuss massage options. Follow up massages always have a extra time so you can update your bodyworker on any recent changes in your well-being.

No two massages or bodies are alike. Our bodyworkers use various massage styles, techniques and tools to help change the patterns of the body that contribute to discomfort. The tools used, such as hot or cold stones, Chinese cups, crystal essence sprays, are all part of the cost of your treatment at no extra charge.  

Our massage therapists help to educate you on stretches and self-care you can do at home, changes you can make at work to practice proper body mechanics and correct breathing to help ease anxiety and depression. We are committed to helping you understand your body and help it heal. Physical limitations, those with cancer, auto-immune diseases, injuries and more are welcome here. We can create a massage for your specific needs.

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Customized Table Massage Therapy:  Your body is unique. This massage treats every body with the care and respect it needs. We have created this style of massage to help you get the best treatment. Various massage techniques and tools are blended together skillfully so that you feel the results. Massage techniques can include Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, positional release, active release, breath work all combined to give your body the help and healing it needs. Our 'tools' are listed below and explained in detail. Every session is personalized to your short and long term needs as discussed in our consultation.

Customized Thai Massage Therapy: This style of massage is performed on a floor mat while the client remains fully clothed. Hands, arms and feet are used to move you through assisted yoga-like postures with fluid movements, gentle pressure and stretching.  Anyone will benefit from this style of massage. People seeking to increase their flexibility or who enjoy a more movement-based massage, will find this style extremely rewarding.  

About Our Tools:

Basalt Stones, Hot Stone Massage at Thai Massage at Samsara Wellness Center: Yoga, Massage & Tattoo in Bakersfield, California

Our hands may well be one of our greatest tools, but these other ones really are all helpful in creating long-lasting, effective change within the physical and energetic bodies. Tools are used at no additional charge. Read below to learn more about their benefits.

Basalt Stones: These stones are formed from cooled molten lava. They are able to retain heat for long periods of time. They are used in massage to loosen up chronically tight muscles and layers of fascia. The heat increases blood circulation which assists in detoxification, relaxation and pain reduction. 

Cold Marble Stones: Used for sinus pressure, tension, allergies, or migraine headaches. Stones are used in facial massage and placed on specific areas to help with inflammation and pain.

Chinese Cups: Cups are used to help decrease pain, detoxification, help with chronic or acute muscle and connective tissue hypertonicity. Poor habitual postural patterns are easily recreated with these. Great for anyone who works at a desk and has shoulder, neck and upper back discomfort, as well as tight IT Bands.

Crystal Essences Sprays: Crystal essence sprays help to create balance in the Chakra energy system of the body using flower and gem essences. They smell fantastic.

Aromatherapy Oils: A customized blend of therapeutic grade essential oils used during the massage. Essential oils are picked during consultation.

Reiki: Is a Japanese form of energy healing using Qi or the universal life energy to help with healing. Physically it helps with deep relaxation, balancing of the endocrine and lymphatic system. 

Tibetan Singing Bowls & Paiste Gong: Everything vibrates and these instruments help to change up your vibration. Great for stress reduction, stimulation of the glandular system and to break up emotional, physiological blockages.

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