About Lindzee

Lindsey has been practicing yoga intermittently for the past 6 years, and has completely submersed herself in her practice within the last year.  Her interest in yoga began with the enjoyment of the physical challenges of Bikram yoga, but has evolved into a full body, moving meditation style of Vinyasa flow.  Lindsey’s recent dedication to the practice of yoga came after being diagnosed with breast cancer in June of 2016.  Life changed in an instant, and Lindsey used the physical and mental aspects of yoga to recover from a bilateral mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, and the mental turmoil that comes with a cancer diagnosis and treatment.  One of Lindsey’s primary goals is to use her experience to help others self-heal and find the benefits of the yogi lifestyle. With a passion and background in science, coupled with a Bachelor and Master of Science degree in Geology, Lindsey is using her scientific foundation to pursue knowledge in holistic wellness, focusing on nutrition, cleansing the body of toxins, and strengthening and healing the body through yoga.


Lindsey completed her yoga teacher training in April of 2017 at the White Lotus Foundation, Santa Barbara, studying under Tracey Rich and Ganga White. The training focused on a non-dogmatic yoga practice for each individual with the intent of increasing health and longevity through proper alignment and application of asana, pranayama, and meditation. Lindsey focuses her individual practice on making yoga a well-balanced work out for the mind, spirit, and body incorporating sitting and moving mediation, breath-work, high intensity intervals of elevated heart rate, strength, flexibly, and healing.


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