About Jorien

Jorien started practicing yoga a few years ago but didn’t begin a regular practice until 2017.  She enjoyed feeling in harmony with herself and others so she kept coming back! Yoga helped Jorien learn to discipline her mind and try to see the positives no matter what life throws her way. After years of cheer weakening her ankles, wrists and back, Jorien noticed more flexibility and strength develop from practicing yoga, but deeper changes happened on the inside. She now has a better outlook on life. She has learned the importance of keeping her spirit light, living and loving with a bold heart and to trust her intuition. In her free time Jorien enjoys painting, using crystals for healing & jewelry making, and cooking up delicious vegan food. She works as a hair and make up artist, and loves modeling for creative photoshoots!

Jorien has been part of our work trade program at Samsara Wellness Center, and is starting a mentorship program with us to learn more about yoga and become a teacher one day!


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