Jordan is a yoga teacher at Samsara Wellness Center in Bakersfield, California which offers yoga, massage therapy & tattoo services.

About Jordan


Curiosity led Jordan to her first yoga class in 2012 where she quickly realized that it was much more than an hour on a rubber mat. She discovered a strong connection between her life on and off the mat – inviting balance, patience and flexibility in her physical practice spilled over into all aspects of her life. Her desire to share the transformative practice of yoga with others inspired her to complete a 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training at Purple Yoga in 2015.

She is first and foremost a student, and enjoys practicing various styles of yoga including vinyasa flow and Ashtanga yoga. Her personal practice is her time to restore, reflect, and renew; it is ever changing and evolving.

Jordan is passionate about helping people live healthy, happy, and whole lives. Her classes offer a dynamic vinyasa-based flow coated with intention, attention to alignment, and playful creative sequencing that inspires students to explore the depths of their practice, remembering the greatest teacher comes from within – practice, practice, practice! 


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