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About David

Hello beautiful souls my name is David Delgado. After graduating Bakersfield community college I was working on my bachelor’s degree in English when I hit a wall. I fell out of passion with the whole idealism of continuing my education and was at a loss for words and purpose. I remember as a child my Grandmother telling me stories of generations of family members who lived before me and the wonderful healing abilities they possessed. She would talk about her sister in particular and how she claimed to have a healing hand. I called my Grandmother and talked to her about how I felt. She told me that God had something in store for me and to be patient. Before I could ask her about my Aunts she told me I should pursue my focus on helping others. She said I seemed happiest when doing so. After my Grams died I took her loss very hard and with time remembered her advice which became my last bit of treasure from her. I did some deep meditations and found my answer…it was Massage Therapy. Since then my mission has been to help serve people with compassion and understanding. I am committed to bringing balance, wellness, and less pain through the wonderful growing field of Therapeutic Massage. I graduated from The Milan Institute School of Professional Massage. During my time there I accumulated 700 hours towards massage therapy and was able to continue my education. Through Therapeutic Massage I found the wondrous gift of Holistic Health. I immersed myself in this path and earned a certification in Holistic Health Mastery. This has helped me with my skills and reputation as a competent and well educated therapist. I plan to further my education in massage thru my career, and strive to teach others the benefits of Massage/Holistic Health and just how these alternative health treatments can work with other treatments and on its own. I’m currently studying to become a Yoga Teacher. In my career, I hope to help others in mind, body and soul.


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