About Cassie

   Cassie LaFever is a 27 year old yogini that has been practicing since the age of 19.  She first discovered the wonders of yoga in college where she experienced firsthand the life changing power yoga possessed.  Yoga helped guide her through the rocky path of anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.  It completely changed her mindset and her way of thinking.  Yoga cultivated a strong love and appreciation for the earth, for others, and most importantly for herself. 

    The physical benefits of yoga also transformed Cassie.  She built powerful muscles, and found strength she didn’t know she had.  She increased her flexibility, and learned how to release tension that had built up in her neck and shoulders from stress.  The breathing techniques she learned through yoga helped her combat anxiety and asthma attacks. Yoga taught her to listen to the wisdom of the body and the importance of body awareness on and off the mat.

    Once Cassie began her yoga journey, she had a insatiable hunger to learn more.  December 2014 she completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Robyn Smith at Inner Freedom Yoga in Arcata, CA.  There she learned about the rich history of yoga, and was also taught the importance of practicing safely in order to heal injuries instead of causing them.  

    Cassie’s Hatha Flow classes are designed to cater to yogis of all levels.  Her goal is to create a safe and comfortable environment in order to allow her students the complete freedom of self expression.  She has a strong focus on proper alignment and uses creative imagery to inspire her students to make yoga more than a workout but a spiritual experience.  



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