Photo Courtesy of Joe Longo

Photo Courtesy of Joe Longo


Candace was first pulled toward yoga in high school through the music of The Beatles and George Harrison. She draws from many styles of yoga, teaching both gentle, grounded practices for restoration, and more creative, dynamic flows that encourage freedom and safe, intuitive exploration. She has studied with many teachers (Sean Corn, Suzanne Sterling, Leslie Kaminoff, Bo Forbes, Yoganand Michael Caroll, to name a few), but considers Shiva Rea her primary teacher, and has almost completed her 300 hour Prana Vinyasa  certification.  From her time with Shiva, Candace has come to a deeper understanding of the body's intuitive intelligence, the connection between the practice of yoga & nature, and the healing power of freeform movement.  

Candace also has her Master's degree in Clinical & Counseling Psychology, and has worked as a trauma-specialized therapist.  Her mental health background informs her work as a teacher, making sure each facilitates mindfulness and introspection. She loves to work one on one with students to explore how a deeper connection to body to create huge shifts in mental and emotional well-being.

It is her hope that the practices she shares may help to students feel empowered, free, and at home in their bodies.  Candace is also a musician, and sometimes plays in class.  

Candace lived in Philadelphia, PA for most of her life.  She danced most of her formative years, and is a conscious dance practitioner.  


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