Samsara Wellness Center is a place where one can learn to be well through sacred art practices, customized massage therapy, and exceptional yoga instruction. It is a creative space, where every body can learn to become harmonious with every life. We teach a deeper understanding of the whole self through affordable instruction in yoga asana, pranayama and meditation. Samsara offers the highest level of massage therapy to create comfort in the body, so the mind may be at ease. We also facilitate custom tattooing to protect, heal and inspire. By harmoniously combining these practices, as well as guest speakers/teachers, special event classes and workshops, we will host a community of holistic growth.


Stephen Winters of Samsara Wellness Center: Yoga, Massage & Tattoo in Bakersfield, California

About Stephen Winters

Stephen Winters has been circling the Sun since the early 80’s.  It began as a blessed ride all over the country, enjoying the traveling life of a military family.  After trying on the uniform of a USAFA cadet and Divison 1 college athlete for the first few years of adulthood, Stephen soon found himself a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and then on to a career in tattooing; all while finding his path within the practice of Yoga and meditation. 

He has been enjoying the Yogic path for over 12 years, and completed his 200 hr teacher training at the White Lotus Center in Santa Barbara in 2015. In 2018, Stephen went back to White Lotus to complete an advanced yoga teacher training.  He has found that truly enjoying his life experience means being able to move about it in a happy, healthy body, and peaceful mind.  The benefits of a regular Yoga practice have healed several sports related injuries, improved his technical tattooing abilities, and taken him deeper into his understanding of Life. 

Stephen has now dedicated himself to sharing his experiences that may help others find more comfort and joy through developing their own yogic path.  Engaging the breath to move the body through a carefully planned sequence of postures (asanas) Stephen’s classes will strengthen, stretch, realign, de-toxify and energize your entire Being.


About Katherine Winters

Katherine Winters has had a transformative journey from her childhood years to the present. In 2001 at the age of 19 when she stepped into her first yoga class, she had already struggled with food and drug addictions, lyme disease, anxiety and depression. 

    Through her yoga practice and pursuing other healing modalities such as massage and change of diet, her habits and lifestyle was dramatically changed and healed for good.

    The rocky first half of her life was a great teacher and continues to serve as inspiration in helping assist others on their healing journeys. 

    As a table and thai massage therapist she combines eastern healing modalities and western scientific soft tissue techniques. Finding that personally as well as with clients this is the most effective way of obtaining true health.

    As a yoga teacher she honors the healing potential of a yoga practice. Her classes weave together poses with an intentional therapeutic purpose, breathing techniques, uplifting music, essential oils, neck massages, hands on adjustments and live gong and singing bowl shavasanas.

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